Blue Tin Produce – How it all began…

In 2002, we set about rearing our own meat to supply ourselves, our families and friends as an experiment after becoming increasingly frustrated with the quality of the meat available from the supermarkets. Jed had worked within farming and on the farm itself for 25 years and had always had a keen interest in rearing his own animals, in particular pigs.

Jed at Blue Tin Produce FarmJed has worked on the farm for more than 25 years

We bought 10 piglets and 6 chickens and on one very poignant Sunday morning we put out the first box of eggs at the farm gate, to return later that evening to find that they had sold. It was at this point that Jed uttered the immortal words… “we should open a farm shop!”

Fantastic quality rare breed meat

14 years and two very important small Blue Tinners later, we now have a herd of 86 Dexter beef cattle, a never ending farrowing of our free range Gloucester Old Spot pigs, nearly 100 chickens and 5 grumpy geese, not to mention the silly spaniels and scruffy sheepdog!

Our breeds are particularly suited to the free-range outdoor lifestyle, the Dexters are a very hardy breed who thrive on the rough chalk grazing and our pigs spend their entire lives in free range grass paddocks with cosy straw bedded huts for the winter and deep wallows in the Summer.

Free range eggs seven days a week

Free range eggs from Blue Tin Produce

We have an incredibly popular honesty box for our free range eggs at the end of the driveway which is busy 7 days a week as all our chickens are, again, in free range grass paddocks and the eggs speak for themselves. As for the geese, they do lay their super size eggs from Valentines Day until June 30th but at all other times, well…they’re just grumpy.

Geese an Blue TinnerA small Blue Tinner and a grumpy goose

Blue Tin tractor

Now open from 9am – 3pm Wednesdays to Saturdays

(closed Sundays, Mondays & Tuesdays)