Probably the most important addition to date, to our stock and to our customers, is our rare breed 28 day hung Dexter beef.

With a herd of 86 cattle built up over the last 5 years it is proving to be incredibly popular and preorders sell out most of a steer before it even reaches the shop. We also sell half animals and whole hindquarters to the some of our excellent local eateries – even proudly supplying the Dexter for the infamous Crooked Billet Steak & Kidney puddings!

The Dexter is gaining in popularity to such an extent that we have recently had to make the decision to replace our sheep (and the grazing they take up) with the increasing Dexter herd due to limited amounts of grazing land which in turn is due to the tb restrictions on movements of cattle (we won’t bore you with the details!) We also utilise a significant portion of the farmland to grow root crops and fodder beet which we feed back to our animals, as well as making all our own hay and silage from much of the land we rent in the area and buying our corn off a local farmer.

Dexter beef cattle - Blue Tin Produce

Try an eighth of every cut of Dexter beef

With a resurgence in popularity of the ‘old-fashioned’ cuts of beef such as shin, osso bucco, cheeks, flank and offal we work closely with our abattoir and butchers to ensure that we can supply these cuts from our animals which are not always readily available in mainstream outlets.

Dexter beef cattle - Blue Tin Produce

An increasingly popular and economical way to buy the Dexter is an 1/8th of a steer which includes literally an eighth of every cut. However we do also have individual joints, cuts, steaks etc in the shop with sirloins, rumps, fillets and hearty roasting rib joints disappearing fast and fresh Dexter quarterpounders a Summer staple!

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