Tasty and tender rare breed pork

In 2002, our first 10 Gloucester Old Spot pigs were reared with no knowledge of what may be the end result. Some casual conversation resulted in advance orders for all 10, although we still didn’t know how good the meat would be. There was no need to worry, the repeat orders flooded in immediately as the meat was so tasty and tender.

Hard graft for a worthwhile result

From then until now is a long story full of very hard work… in all weathers, broken fences and escaped piglets; frozen hosepipes in the winters and continual wallow filling in the summers, not to mention an invasion of adventurous 2 week old piglets into the farmhouse garden! The paddocks are divided by electric fences and therefore it is not unusual to see the smallest little piglets ducking under the fences to hoover up the acorns on our lane before returning home to their beds!

However, despite the enormous learning curve and all it’s inherent mountains to climb, Blue Tin Produce is now proudly producing a continuous supply of the best quality, traditionally reared pork.

Pork - Blue Tin Produce

‘How meat used to taste!’

The Gloucester Old Spot breed is particularly suited to it’s outdoor lifestyle and all our pigs farrow outside so from the day they are born they are free to roam in large grass paddocks with wallows and houses full of clean straw bedding. This natural outdoor lifestyle means that our pork has a slightly thicker layer of fat and consequently far more taste than mainstream ‘supermarket’ meat; ‘how meat used to taste!’ is a much used description.

Pork fillet - Blue Tin Produce

Our pigs are reared naturally, slowly and traditionally so as and when we do have a gap in our own pork supply we guest in some equivalently superb free range pork such as that from Royal Windsor Farms – quality controlled and tested by ourselves of course!